Top Wavy Hairstyles Mens Choice 2016

Sometimes having wavy hairstyle becomes very annoying. For example, when emerging a new trend, the owner can only surrender wavy hair because can not imitate. Besides owners of wavy hair is also susceptible to hair problems are problems such as dry, tangled up dandruff. This is because the volume of hair texture and skin covering the head that causes air circulation impaired. But quiet does not need to fret, some actually look macho man with wavy hair. The most important thing is how to arrange. Do not believe? try to see several pieces of wavy hair below. Trust me, you would have ogled chick chick with a new look.

Wavy Hairstyle Model Men

1. Caesar Haircut

Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

With this haircut caesar ala pieces will turn your display into a more masculine and impressed today. Named caesar haircut because this style first popularized by Julius Caesar. Slightly wavy hair styled with pieces of fringe types and on the edges in thin slices. On top of it is left about 2 cm. It should be considered in this model is not made the hair on the spike but combed sideways.

2. Angular Wavy Hair Model

Wavy Hairstyle Angular model

Angular Fringe actually similar to undercut the pieces with thin cuts and leaving the side of bushy hair on top of it. Only difference Angular Fringe is not combed but it left a mess.

3. Curly Wavy Bangs

Curly Wavy Bangs

You can also organize your wavy hair with bangs, leaving the forehead section. By structuring the asymmetric and not too sharp, you know you can look cool. Just look at the photo above harry styles that also apply this style. Read to: Formal Hairstyles For Those Occasions

4. Curly Wave Style


Want to appear masculine? can try this style wave curly style. Condition your hair wavy and semi curls manifold. Thin slices of the right and left and reserving the top is not too short but not too long. This style will be very fit if you have whiskers and beard so that more macho.

5. TOP Wavy Heavy Hair


Many styles that you can apply to your wavy hair. Besides the four Model Curl Men above, you can also apply a top-heavy models. Crop thin on the side of right, left and rear. Use gel the hair evenly hard then pull your hair and let a few strands falling on the forehead.

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